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4 pack Sister Wine Rosé 2019

4 pack Sister Wine Rosé 2019

4 Pack - Ground Shipping is Included 

An outstanding Rosé from a world-class Napa Valley winery. Dry, crisp and clean, it’s perfect warm-weather drinking with juicy raspberry, cherry and watermelon, plus a dash of citrus spice to keep it interesting. Dish up your favorite spicy meal, sit on the deck and waste an evening with a bottle of this beauty. 

This wine is a true Rosé, which means it comes from red grapes and has no skin contact...cause it's the grape skins that make red wine red. For 'Sister Wine', the skins are separated right at harvest and our wine goes straight into the tank. This Rosé has an amazing flavor and nose, while retaining just a hint of sweetness. You'll taste some ripe strawberry, watermelon and light raspberry. This wine is fresh and balanced perfectly between flavor and fresh crisp acidity.  

If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you.

email: info@sister.wine or call (707) 413-6713

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